Tiffany WinstonTiffany was born with a gifted ability and is also a PHD Life couch for over 15 years. Tiffany tells past Present & future, love marriage & Business. She can help you in all matters in life. She has helped people from around the world!
Tiffany is also a marriage & family therapist. Tiffany is a love Specialist, specializing in love relationship repair, rebuilding relationships & returning couples. Tiffany has healed the broken hearted from Emotional damaged & heartache.
Do you need Heeling? A piece of mind & clarity? Tiffany specializes in any areas of the heart & mind. Are you not sure what to do with your life? Stress unhappiness conflict at work? Bummed out about a job? Dissatisfaction, difficulty settling down? Getting to your goals in life?
Tiffany specializes in material are partner related frequent arguments loss of sexual spark, infidelity, feeling taken for granted. Tiffany also specializes in hopeless struggling after a divorce or Break up, depression, Anxiety, drug or alcohol addiction, and lack of confidence.
Psychic Tiffany is a metaphysical therapist that is known as a Master in Energy healing. Tiffany offers any type of services she is known to heal, improve & balance the mind & Spirit. Her sessions are very deep & relaxing on beneficial on emotional mental & spiritual level.
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